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Miquetes Màgiques,  Macrobiotic Restaurant - Trobador Street 20. Barcelona (next to Saint Paul’s Hospital). Telf. 93 436 3034
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Open Monday through Friday for Lunch

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. Macrobiotic homemade cooking made with the best selection of natural ingredients 

Macrobiotic cooking takes us back to a more natural and simple way of cooking that is both appetizing and very beneficial to our organism.
Based on the principles of yin and yang (complementary elements),  with macrobiotic cooking you’ll discover meals far removed from those of conventional cooking.
At Miquetes Magiques you can experience simplicity full of nuances with meals that combine tradition with innovation.

"This is a different alternative if you are tired of eating at a restaurant every day"

-Mariana Jara, "Metro" (2003) / Macrobiotique, nº 898 (2012)